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Exploring the human body as a physical object. What is body language? Is it calling me? Is it expressing anything? or why do read emotions in human flesh?

Fabien Bosdedore: Fragmented Portraits

"Intimate reflections on gender and identity. This collection of photo booths tries to prove details make us anonymous."


HANDS- Jonathan Burrows (1995)

"between dream and action"

British photographer Bill Brandt (courtesy of MoMA) portrayed the eyes of resp. George Braque, Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Jean Debuffet, Alberto Giacometti, Louise Nevelson, Max Ernst and Antonio Tapies.

Ai WeiWie: Study of Perspective

In an ears world

In an ears world

(via luz-natural)

Rossella Dimichina
Masao Yamamoto: Untitled, 2007

Masao Yamamoto: Untitled, 2007